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          Michelle May

          Recent Posts

          End weight stigma, starting with your own

          Bias. Stereotyping. Prejudice. Discrimination. Bullying.

          These ugly words describe a serious problem: weight stigma. Whether subtle or blatant, weight stigma is broadcast into our living rooms and shows up in classrooms, break rooms, and exam rooms....

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          6 ways to change your mind about exercise

          Negative, self-defeating thoughts are the root cause of a sedentary lifestyle. You can rewire your brain with more positive, effective thoughts and transform your lifestyle. Here are six examples:

          Self-defeating thought #1:I have to exercise to...

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          When it comes to eating, trust your gut instincts

          You were born knowing exactly how much to eat. Hunger is your body's way of telling you that you need fuel. By reconnecting with your instinctive signals, you can manage your eating without restrictive dieting and obsessing over every bite of food...

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          Your exercise personality quiz

          So you want to start exercising. Good! But before you buy new walking shoes, join a gym, or drag out your stationary bike, take this quiz to identify your unique "exercise personality"? traits. This information will help you decide what types of...

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          How to raise a healthy eater

          "My child just isn't a good eater!"? Even when the child is growing well, frustrated parents sometimes worry when their child eats only a small amount at a time or seems too picky. The parents' responses to these common stages can unwittingly set...

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          Tips to prevent holiday overeating

          Has overeating during the holidays become as traditional as the decorations and gifts? Following a rigid diet is unrealistic any time of year, but eating the right amount of food isn't really about being good, it's about feeling good.

          Think about...

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